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Waitrose & Partners (formerly Waitrose) is a brand of British supermarkets, selling groceries as part of Britain's largest employee-owned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership. Its head offices are located in Bracknell and Victoria, England. Waitrose & Partners has 338 shops across the United Kingdom, including 65 "little Waitrose" convenience shops.

An angry customer mentions on reviews.io, "My first order with Waitrose since before lockdown as they were so useless during this time. Order due day after tomorrow but unable to access website. Conclusion - still useless!"


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Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Managers have obvious favourites who they give promotions to when it is well undeserved. There's no chance of having a day off even in exceptional circumstances. Constantly pressured to do overtime with no regard given to you wanting to have a personal life. Managers are more than happy to offer up boxes of chocolate and wine bottles to customers after they are nasty, entitled and abusive. I once reported inappropriate harassment by a co worker and was told I was no longer deserving of a pay rise for causing a fuss.Managers do not care about you or your wellbeing"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"so many backstabbing morons at Cirencester branch management are dire counter staff abysmal if your face fits you have a job for life do not trust management to back you up in any situationgoing homeworking there"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"After submitting application form via there website, and doing online test, reading there portico any communication would be sent via email. I received there email outlining this. The spelling was appalling, not even written in Queens English and that’s just there email !Didn’t get interviewAll"

Shop assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was so disappointed that the salaries are so low nowadays and unacceptable for the really hard physical work required. A few years ago it was better paied and more people working on the shop floor but nowadays it is too much pressure mentally and physically for a very poor paied job (£1,240 per month)Few advantages like going for a break in one of John Lewis estateVery poor salary, very pressurised work and very bad middle management"

Supermarket Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here, the way managers operate the store is worrying.Constantly being bombarded with warnings for everything you do.Worked there nearly ten years and never enjoyed a day of it!NoneTo many to write"

Ex partner (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be bullied Sexually touched Have no say in your work life to protect your mental health Operating management stab you in the back THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU !!!!NothingManagement from ops to partners"

Heaven knows! (Former Employee) says

"After working within this set-up for almost 10 years, If I knew what I knew at the end that I knew at the beginning, I wouldn't have bothered. Firstly, this company hide behind their history-best of British, their behaviours that works to suit them and the snobbery that goes along with it. The processes, the meetings and the management set-up is shocking, I worked in a shop with 5 managers and none of them knew anything. Basically if you want to work for a company where you have no soul and you are willing to bow down to every command, apply, however if you see yourself as an individual, forget it. Oh and partnership is just a front, there isn't any!"

Supermarket Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, online training useless , bad health and safety Bad."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"“Partner” doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone is just a number. Hard to keep a work life balance as expectations are high with Very little return from the company/management. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work for the company now. Low wages for high workload and responsibility.DiscountToo many to mention"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here, it will drain the life out of you and make you feel worthless! Managers have no respect for anyone and talk down to you like you are at school. Pay reviews are horrendous and you have to sell your soul just to get given a 1% pay increase! Managers threaten and bully people and will go out of their way to be malicious and spiteful to anyone they don't like! They will change your shifts and not tell you and make you train any new employees even though they are being paid more than you are! Was expecting more from such a well-known and respected company, feel very disappointed by them and most partner's working there feel the same!"

Partner (Current Employee) says

"Worst place ever worked . Some of the staff are lovely but they are treated badly by anyone who is senior to them . No customer service, never enough staff, supposed to be treat as a equal partner but that is no the case Hate itNoneEverything"

Petrol Station Assistant (Former Employee) says

"treated like childen, management who spend all time in meetings achieving nothing, pay horrendous, politically driven appointments, arrogance, bullying and favouritism."

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Contracted hours, regular work, some health benefits, strict minute to minute job accuracy, time management focused. time in motion from start to finish of shift."

Loading Bay Operative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work at, firstly the group interview was a nightmare so complicate that i and the other 2 people in the interview had no idea what to say or do, manager just gave us a pen and paper and a list of written exercises that Einstein would have trouble with lol, anyway after a month i was phoned and told i got the job, first hurdle came when i was told it would be working nights 10pm to 6am , i hate working nights anyway i could live with doing it part time but i was forced literally into working 5 nights a week and bullied into doing overtime by the manager, also pay was terrible minimum wage for working nights is unacceptable , especially for how tough the work was, i would start a typical day loading deliveries onto the vans then i would have to work stacking the shelves and then had to empty all the rubbish at the end of shift, it was basic work but very heavy lifting involved , worse place ive ever been at, night staff were zombies brain dead from working here for 10+ years for no money LOL , anyway management are no good they take take take and give nothing in return."

Various Positions • Full Time (Former Employee) says

"Unfair pay for the amount of time that i worked at Waitrose. Considering i was trained on every department, management did not appreciate the amount of work that all partners do. considering partners do all the work management are just there to make Waitrose look better. fantastic shopping experience as a customer but extremely poor place to work."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"A certain assistant manageress. At the tenterden branch is disliked by just about everybody at the branch. She is rude to staff. Has no idea how to talk to staff. Bad atmosphere when she there.NoneLoads"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Having worked for the company for 5 years I found it a very easy place to get stuck which for me was not ideal. Management often have no clue about the tasks which are needed to complete and spend most of the time chatting. Would only recommend a job here for someone looking for Christmas work."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I had to work Christmas while Been unwell mangers and team leaders Don’t care felt ill still fourced to work had to get sick note from doctor for proof very poor company"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"A culture of bullying by managers. To mould you in a Waitrose clone. Run by children with no idea how to talk to people. Or manage. An absolute shambles do not apply"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worked for the maintenance dept for JLP and Waitrose for 38 years , the company decided to outsource my department so had to choose between TUPE and losing ALL my benefits which i would keep if i retired or TUPE , we were treated with contempt DO NOT believe the total rubbish they say about being a PARTNER you are an employee the same as any were else."

Current Employee - Waitrose Supermarket Assistant says

"Take everything to heart, rubbish security team and managers"

Former Employee - General Dogsbody and Servant says

"Les Miserables, a theatre of misery, a banquet of misery, a silence keeping of misery. Local misery. Argyllshire misery, Cardross Road misery. Misery."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The unsupportive nature of management"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"You get treated as lower class and kept out of anything that is going on with the partners"

Current Employee - Chef says

"don't believe the hype - not all partners are created equal!"

Former Employee - Customer Assistant says

"Rude managers, unhelpful, didn't know how to do their jobs."

Current Employee - Warehouse Operative/Picker says

"You're only allowed 2 periods of sickness, the 3rd gets you a written warning and then you better not be ill again for an entire year or you get the final written warning"

Former Employee - Supermarket Assistant says

"Very argumentative, competitive and snooty colleueges. But mostly the company is awful. The so called 'partners' do not own any of the business. The employees have not had a bonus in about 4 years. Secondly, if you work here be prepared to deal with drama. (the colleueges think they are some sort of god because they work for waitrose.) The customers are unbearable aswell. The rudest you will ever get."

Former Employee - Shop Assistant says

"I was bullied by workers’ older than me as well as some of the management team. I was so depressed because of this that I started taking antidepressants. I tried hard at work but every effort was ignored and I would face severe criticism as well as lies fed back from other managers’ to my line manager, I used to beg them to check CCTV because of the scrutiny I was facing for little or no reason. I was spoken about behind my back and singled out by other partners, I reported this with evidence and nothing was done. I am now taking this further because my experience here was disgusting and unacceptable. Judging by other reviews I’m sure most branches are different with better treatment but this was just my personal experience. There is a 40% staff turnover rate at this store and I’m not surprised as to why."

Former Employee - Customer Service Assistant says

"- Poor management who think they are a power house and get away with bullying Colleagues, - Treat their staff badly, over work them and no support given when asked. - Within my first month staff members were telling me to watch my back for certain managers and get out when i could."

Andrea Drewett says

"I have been trying for a home delivery slot as my nearest store (in Exeter) is about 25miles away - furhter than I should go for click & collect. I log on just before midnight, and then try to book a slot and see 10 days of dates. Nothing. At 12.01 the 11th day is shown with all slots taken! How come 15 slots go in 1 minute? It repeatedly happens. Love Waitrose, just want a delivery."

John Jones says

"Nice stores but they are left trailing by other home delivery services. I mean, in the 10 months since the pandemic began we've repeatedly tried to get home delivery yet there are no slots at all available in our area. Ever. At any time. And all the customer service desk at the nearest store 12 miles away can tell me is they're having trouble getting enough drivers. Strangely, though, Amazon don't seem to have the same problem because they can always without fail bring what you order, despite the massive increase in business they too have been experiencing. Nor is it a problem for the big delivery companies. Nor for the other supermarkets, all of whom are regularly delivering to people on our lane. So as a longstanding loyal customer, despite my wife having cancer and me having asthma and therefore good reason to want to shield, I'd have to troop across country to the nearest Waitrose to do my shopping in person because still after 10 months and with all those people in retail and hospitality now out of work they apparently can't find the drivers to expand their service to meet demand. Something tells me that Waitrose, like John Lewis, is very far from being the best-run business out there. Sadly, expect stories in the media quite soon about how Waitrose is falling behind its competitors while senior managers scratch their heads about why this might be."

Lisa Stephens says

"I wear a face mask even though I am exempt. I briefly moved my mask away from my face (at the checkout) as I could not breathe and my glasses were steamed up and the checkout girl shouted at me to put back on as it is illegal not to wear a mask! I told I am exempt and I am wearing my exemption card and I had only pulled it away from my face. She said that she didn’t see it! And she didn't even apologise. She was reluctant to give me my receipt as it has her details on it but she did eventually give it to me. I will be going back to Marks and Spencer’s, as they don't belittle or shout at myself or other customers."

LJS says

"Home delivery. Very disappointed that again my shopping did not arrive in bags (as requested), so the shopping could not be dropped off quickly nor at a safe distance as per my request. This was not the driver's fault, he was trying to be helpful and wanted to put everything into bags in the street, which I was not happy with as he was handling the food, clutching it and and breathing all over it from inches away without a mask. It is a totally unnecessary situation and is not acceptable. I now think it may be less of a risk to actually go into a store. In this situation, food is handled by too many people, the unbagged shopping results in drop off taking ages , and putting customers at risk. REGARDING THE RESPONSE FROM WAITROSE, I HAD ALREADY COMPLETED THIS FORM. I NOW HAVE AN EMAIL REPLY WHICH JUST SAYS SORRY AND THAT THEY'VE ALERTED THE BRANCH.......THIS BRANCH HAS BEEN ALERTED PREVIOUSLY ON > 1 OCCASION! NOT GOOD ENOUGH PUTTING ME , AND OTHER OTHER CUSTOMERS AT RISK."

Sandy Pollock says

"Terrible -for Waitrose members you get a free paper with over £10 order but the only one they offer is The Mail and for the last 2 times apparently it doesn’t arrive in the depot even for a 10am delivery when I have seen them in the stores at 8am - the substitutions are ridiculous no thought goes into it! I find the sizing of things ridiculous and if you buy something on offer and your shop is several days later beware they won’t honour that price or flag it up to you! The drivers are not very friendly (some are!) on the whole not but the Ocado drivers I found fantastic!"

Marcello says

"The Waitrose branch in Twickenham is very unsafe, please stay away from it. Half of the staff IS NOT WEARING THE MASK, when I complained and asked for the manager, after waiting for more than 5 minutes, a gentleman WITHOUT a mask appeared and with arrogance said that he had medical conditions, when challenged pointing out that several other employee at the counter and around the shop did not have the mask he replayed that he wasn't aware of it. I will never shop there again and I will encourage other customer not to do it."

William Procter says

"I love shopping in Waitrose stores. It's a shame the online service doesn't live up to that experience. The one time I ordered from them, many of the delicate products were damaged, things had short use-by dates and it all seemed a bit of a shambles when compared to ordering Waitrose produce on Ocado. I hope they do get things sorted (and I'm sure they will) but will be avoiding their online service for a while in favour of Ocado and Sainsbury's, both of which I find more reliable."

T.L. Wainscot says

"Waitrose delivered (in part) somebody else's shopping to me. Presumably that person has my missing shopping? True, the driver did try to ask me to check the bags while he was unloading them in the dark. Mind you this was after I'd already explained to him my sight loss..... Finding the error as the shopping bags were opened in my home, I telephoned Waitrose Customer Service to alert them to the problem as somebody else was probably looking for their shopping. Customer Services stated they needed to make inquiries and would telephone me back in a hour. However, after 3hrs the promised call-back never materialised..... (They could have simply refunded me for the missing items). There are many good people who are working hard at Waitrose during these unprecedented times. But yet again these members of Waitirose's staff are being let down by what is now their Customer Services third failure to call a customer back. UPDATE Acquiescing to Waitrose's request to contact (below), on 16th January 2021 I asked them to telephone me (due to my sight loss e-mail is slow and difficult). Except Waitrose e-mailed me ask " elaborate on your query/issue and provide any information that will help" - DOH! It appears Waitrose Customer Services do not understand sight-loss or the need to make reasonable adjustments for disabilities as set out by the Equality Act - worrying. This is their fourth failure to call a customer back.... Ultimately, I remain supportive of the good work undertaken by staff in store and their delivery drivers. On a separate matter Customer Services were contacted 15th January 2021 (1. incorrect items, 2. praise for store staff & 3. excellent delivery driver). As a consequence of store & delivery staff actions this review has been moved up from two stars."

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